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    Frequently Asked Questions

    How can I pay my order?

    1- Credit card payment: You can order your flower arrangement with VISA or MASTERCARD. Kuveytturk Bank Sanalpos feature is used. Your order will be processed immediately after you make your payment.

    2- Transfer / EFT option: When you complete your order, if you choose Transfer / EFT option, you can transfer / EFT to the account numbers that will be given to you. You will be informed by an e-mail when the money transfer has done. Your order will be processed on the first business day following the transfer / EFT.

    3- Credit Card on Phone: If you choose credit card option on phone for your order, you can pay by giving your credit card information on the phone. Your order will be processed within working days during working hours, when your credit card transactions are completed.

    Do I need to pay an extra charge for delivery service?

    There is no extra charge for orders placed to city centers. You can contact us by phone or e-mail to know weather we have a delivery service to the area far from the city center or not. An extra price is charged for places that are far away from the center and where orders are accepted.

    Will the flower I choose be delivered the same as in the picture?

    The products such as toys, glasses, sub-material products, baskets, ceramics and glass vases are limited in stocks. In such cases, the quality products which are in different color and shape are used. For the arrangement of seasonal flowers, depending on the season, another flower can be used in the same quality when the flower in the picture can not be found.

    Can I learn my order status?

    When you have completed your order, you can find out the situation of your order on the follow-up page with the confirmation code given to you. You will also be informed about the status of your order by email.

    What should I do if I make any changes after I give the order?

    If your order has not been in system of delivery yet, you can change it. However, you do not have the right to make changes to orders that are in delivery.

    Can I request you to keep my name confidential when I give an order?

    If you want your name to be hidden while you are creating your order, you only need to press the “keep my name confidential” button. Your name will be keeping in confidential for our record. But, if the receiver does not accept the anonymous flower, there will be no refund of money.

    What if the receiver does not accept the flowers?

    There will be no refund of money in case the receiver does not accept the flower.

    What if the receiver cannot be found in the given address?

    If the receiver cannot be found in address indicated on the order, we deliver the order to somebody. For example, ıf the address is a house address, we deliver the flower to the neighbor or apartment clerk. If the address is a business address, we deliver it to reception or a member of receiver’s department. If the address is a hospital or a hotel, we deliver it to receptionist. If the address is a military hospital or institution, we deliver it to the officers. In all these cases, we took the name of whom receive the order.

    When does the bill reach me if I want?

    We have to invoice when we make a sale. If you want the bill by mail, the fee will paid by our company. If you want by cargo, the payment belongs to the customer. Your bills will be delivered to you within 1 week at the latest.

    If I cancel my order, what will be the charge I paid?

    Your payment will be refunded within 10 working days after your order is canceled.

    PS: If any problem occurs about the delivery address, we contact with sender and receiver to verify the address.